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Fisnar is an international leader in the manufacture and supply of fluid dispense systems and dispensing equipment. All fluids can be accurately dispensed either by air pressure or mechanical force and with our wide range of dispensing products, we can provide a suitable dispense solution for almost all dispensing applications. Fisnar has a complete line of Automatic Liquid Dispensers – from the small hand-held syringe type units, to valve controlled systems and programmable dispensing robots. Precise application of assembly fluids reduces the risk of rejects, resulting in the production of high quality products. Fisnar dispensing products are suitable for use with fluids such as adhesives, instant glues, epoxies, silicones, solvents, marking inks, solder cream, solder paste, and various lubricants from oil to thick grease. Controlled, automatic deposits ensure reliable production and prevent waste and mess.

What are Dispensing Products?

All fluids can be accurately dispensed either by air pressure or mechanical force. Fisnar supplies simple hand or bench dispensers for single part materials through to automatic robotic dispensing systems with vision recognition and meter-mix equipment for two-part materials, such as epoxies.A complete line of replaceable syringes, barrels, needles and tips is also available from Fisnar Europe.


Fisnar dispensing products are suitable for many applications including medical, electronic, jewellery, automotive and general industrial OEM assembly operations.




As a dispensing equipment manufacturer, Fisnar aims to provide high quality, cost-effective dispensing solutions to all industries with the requirement to dispense liquids and paste in a controlled manner. Fisnar is committed to providing our customers an exceptional service and we look forward to the opportunity to service your dispensing requirements.