Dispensing Components

Fisnar Europe PolySpense

PolySpense™ Dispensing Bottles

Product Code Size Part Description 5606000 ¾ oz / 21.3 ml PolySpense™ Bottle and LL Cap Set 5606001 1 oz / 28.41 ml PolySpense™ Bottle and LL Cap Set 5606002 2 oz / 56.8 ml PolySpense™ Bottle and LL Cap...

Fisnar Manual Syringes & Components

Fisnar’s range of Manual Syringes and Components include the 800 Series Universal Manual Syringes, Graduated Syringe Kits – Luer Slip, Syringe Kits – Luer Lock, Syringe Barrels – Luer Lock, Lubricated Manual Stoppers and Plungers. 800 Series Manual Syringes This...
Fisnar Europe Dipit

Dipit™ Touch-Pump Bottles and Brushes

Bottles Product Code Size Description 5605026 100 ml / 3.4 oz Touch-Pump Bottle 5606027 200 ml / 7.0 oz Touch-Pump Bottle Brushes Product Code Size Description 5701272 ¼” Nylon Soft Dipit™ Brush Delrin 5601273 3/8” Bristle Dipit™ Brush Zinc/Steel 5701274...
Fisnar Europe Brush Tips

Fisnar Dispense Tips & Needles

Dispensing tips are also known as dispensing needles. Blunt end tips are the most popular and versions can be found in different gauges, lengths and threads. Tapered needles are used for high viscosity fluids, they are also described as smooth-flow. Precision tips are machined stainless steel. Teflon is used to dispense cyanoacrylate.

Fisnar QuantX™ Syringe Barrels & Accessories

A fluid management system defined by its carefully designed and precisely engineered dispensing components. Together these components provide a superior industrial dispensing experience, resulting in reduced waste and greater accuracy.

Fisnar Dispensing Cartridges and Nozzles

Cartridges are available in 2.5oz, 6oz, 8oz and 12oz sizes, metal cartridge retainers have air pressure applied via a retainer cap. Polypropylene dispensing nozzles have 1/4" NPT threads to fit cartridges and valves. Nozzles provide a larger dispensing deposit or can apply a spread of material.