Dispensing Valves

If you are looking for repeatable shot accuracy, you should always consider using a dispensing valve. Dispensing valves are designed to provide precise, reliable manual liquid dispensing.

Suited to desktop applications and machine builders, Fisnar dispensing valves provide a cost-effective dispensing solution. Fisnar has a wide selection of valves to suit different fluid types and applications.


Fisnar Dispensing Valve Selection Chart

Don't know which valve is best for your material or process? The Fisnar valve chart shows all of our valves, along with the materials and applications they are designed for. The chart will open in a new window for easier viewing.

Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valves provide precision micro-shot dispensing of liquids such as cyanoacrylates, solvents, electrolytes, alcohols, and acids. A single part diaphragm and seal separates the wetted parts for reduced maintenance. Diaphragm valves for UV cure and anaerobic materials are also available.

High Pressure Valves

Designed for dispensing high viscosity materials, these high pressure valves are can accept over 3,000 PSI of fluid pressure. The 790HPNM spool valve is engineered for high viscosity silicones and greases. The LV-0126NM-LF needle valve is suitable for small shots and beads of high viscosity. The valve is adjustable for shot size tuning.

Positive Displacement Dispensing Valves

Positive displacement valves are available as either servo driven auger valves or peristaltic dispensing pumps. An auger valve is a servo motor driven valve suitable for dispensing high viscosity pastes. A peristaltic dispensing pump is a volumetric valve with an adjustable chamber for accurate deposits.

Needle Mini Valve

A lightweight needle valve designed for hand-held dispensing of micro-shots and small beads of medium viscosity materials. The valve is available with stainless steel wetted chambers for UV cure dispensing, plastic chambers for anaerobic dispensing, or aluminum for dispensing silicones, grease and lubricants.

Poppet Valves

Poppet valves are multipurpose valves suitable for small shots and bead dispensing of medium or high viscosity fluids such as silicones, grease and paste. Poppet valves can dispense up to 300 times per minute and are developed with a suck-back feature to prevent post-dispense dripping.

Cartridge Valve

A lightweight valve that is suitable for hand held operations or can be integrated into high cycling automated dispensing applications. The cartridge valve has a maximum fluid pressure of 300psi and can dispense low and medium viscosity fluids such as silicone, RTV, oils, grease, and lubricants.

Spray Valves

Fisnar Inc. Spray Valves are designed for dispensing urethane, paint, flux, and lubricants and for conformal coating applications. All spray valves are made of stainless steel and provide close tolerance spray dispensing. The spray nozzles are specially engineered to prevent material clogging and a stroke adjustment provides accurate dispensing.

Pinch Tube Valve

A pinch tube valve can be used in many situations, it is regularly used for volatile fluids, such as in cyanoacrylate and solvent dispensing. The advantage of this valve is that the wetted parts are replaceable at a low cost. Because of this, the valve can also be used with two-part resins and placed at the end of a static mixing nozzle.

Valve Controllers

Programmable valve controller models providing, 3-way and 4-way pulsed air control for accurate dots and beads, timed and atomized close tolerance spray functions and electronic control of volumetric dispensing using servo driven auger valves.

Valve Stands

Dispensing stands allow barrels, cartridges, and valves to be set up on as bench-top working stations. A heavy-duty cast base is provided for precise alignment and positioning of barrels, valves, cartridges and retainers. An adjustable horizontal arm allows for z-axis adjustment.

Valve Fittings & Accessories

In this category we include, air filters, clean room filter/mufflers, air manifolds and liquid manifolds for multiple fluid dispensing assemblies. Other dispensing fittings include a wide selection of male and female connectors to assembly various air and liquid hose arrangements including luer lock fastenings and couplings.