Liquid Dispensers

At Fisnar Europe we have a range of liquid dispensers to suit different budgets and application requirements.

Our dispensers are easy to use and are available in a variety of formats, from hand-held manual dispensers to automatic controllers.

Automatic dispensing controllers are easy to use and provide users with a precise level of control.

Hand held dispenser choices include syringe dispensers, flux and cleaning pens, cartridge guns, grease guns and glue tube dispensers.

An air powered dispenser operates on time and air pressure whereas a peristaltic pump is a mechanical dispenser or volumetric dispenser and positively displaces a fluid.


Dispensing Controllers

A selection of industrial fluid dispensing controllers providing precise control when applying adhesive, glue, silicone, RTV, cyanoacrylate, grease, anaerobic and UV cure resins. Liquid dispensers are available in analog and digital models.

Hand-held Dispensers

Many liquid dispensing operations can be accomplished using a hand held fluid dispenser, such as a caulking gun, manual syringe dispenser, flux and cleaning pen, adhesive and silicone cartridge gun, grease gun, or glue tube dispenser.

Fisnar DCD Dual Cartridge Dispense System

The model DCD is an excellent cost-effective solution for low volume mixing and dispensing of two-part materials supplied in dual cartridges. The fully portable bench-mounted system is simple to install and program for accurate two-part dispensing.